Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm running late to pick up my child?
Whilst we do close at 6pm, we will always remain with your child until you arrive for collection. We do ask that you give us a courtesy phone call should you know you are running late. As per our fee schedule, you will be charged $15 per accruing 15 minute block past 6pm.

My child is away sick, do I still get charged for the session?
To avoid being charged for before and after school care, permanent bookings require one weeks notice and casual bookings require 24 hours notice. A casual booking is one that is not a recurring booking.
To avoid paying fees during holiday care, please see the for more details on cancellations.

I am unable to pick up my child today, what is the process to get a trusted friend/family member to pick up in my absence?
During enrolment you would have given a list of trusted family members or friends to us, knwon as "Authorised Nominees". Anyone included in that list may pick up your child without you notifying us. If they are not on that list, we will need verbal or written consent before we will release your child into their care. Please ensure your family or friends carry identification when they come into collect to avoid any confusion. 

Can I claim any Childcare Subsidy with your service?
Yes. Our service is electronically linked to Centrelink's database to automatically claim any childcare rebate or benefit you are entitled to. Any reductions in childcare costs related to the Childcare Subsidy are paid directly to our service.
Am I able to book my child in for sessions outside my regular booking?
Yes. If you require any one-off additional sessions, please email, phone or visit in person to see if we have vacancies on your requested day.
My child has strict dietry requirements, how do you accomodate for their needs?
We have a broad range of dietry requirements that we manage with a healthy range of foods on offer to ensure all kids are receiving the nutrition they need. During enrolment, or if anything changes in your child's life at any time, let us know what dietry needs they have so we can plan accordingly. We have experience with vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free, and a range of allergies.
Why do you need my child's immunisation records?
As per our policy , we require a copy of each child's immunisation history prior to their first session at the YOSHC. Children and educators will be excluded from the centre if there is an outbreak of an infectious disease against which they have not been immunised. The period of exclusion will be in accordance with the NHMRC guidelines.
What time do you stop serving breakfast each morning?
Our full breakfast menu is offered from 7:00am - 7:50am. There is an ‘on the go’ option for children arriving after the 7:50am cut off time and needing breakfast. Currently this is a home baked bran muffin & a piece of fruit (if they would like it).
What hours are you open during for me to contact you?
Whilst we are only open for a couple hours of care at the beginning and end of each day, we usually have staff in the YOSHC headquarters available to speak to throughout the whole day. So please phone, email or pop in at any time with any requests or enquiries.